This is the loving sacred process I use to create a Wild Cherry Art Original:


•  I smudge the room with Palo Santos to clear the energy.
•  I light a candle and set an intention.
•  I select specific crystals to raise the vibration.
•  I select essential oils.
•  I practice 5-10 minutes of energy work (Based Donna Eden's Energy Medicine, EFT Tapping and Reiki.)
•  I write in my gratitude journal for 5 minutes.
•  I meditate to clear my chakras and ask to receive the loving, creative inspiration in service to someone’s highest good.
• I play the singing bowls.
•  I pull an oracle card for guidance and reflection.
•  I play music to raise the vibration in the room.
•  I review preselected, beautiful and  inspiring visual reference.
•  I use distilled water charged with rose quartz crystals.
•  I use the highest quality of acid free and archival materials.
•  I imbed Reiki symbols into each piece.
•  I call upon over four decades of experience, education, exploration and honing my craft.
•  I allow the creative process to express itself fully, organically and joyfully without judgement.
•  I imbed and/or infuse healing crystals into each piece.
•  I express gratitude for the opportunity to access my creative gifts and share them in service to another's highest good.