CUltivate Joy

Feeling joy feeds your soul. When you are filled with joyful emotions, you are at the starting point of accomplishing anything you can imagine. I believe cultivating joy will help us to fulfill our souls purpose. What stirs that joy within you?  

Life is filled with challenges and sometimes the challenges can get you off your path. When you are feeling challenged, there are many practices that can help you stay up or get back up! I am also happy to offer guidance to help you reconnect to your joy. I recommend you start with the any of the following steps:


Look at art that brings up positive emotions and makes you feel good.

Place beautiful things around you. The more you see beauty, the more beauty you will see.


Create something with joyful exploration, no judgement.

Do something fun.

Play music that is uplifting.

Dance your butt off.

Do Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping.

Watch happy videos.

Have a negativity detox.

Don’t watch the news.

Spend time with uplifting people.

Sing like nobody is watching.


Get enough rest.

Eat nutritious and organic whole foods.

Laugh out loud.

Read something uplifting.

Make music.

Write in a journal.

Practice gratitude

Take a luxurious bath.


Get out in nature.

Try something new.

Call a good friend.

Take a warm bath.