This is the loving process used to create a Wild Cherry Art Original:

•  The room is smudged with Palo Santo or Sage to clear negative energies  
•  A candle is lit and intentions are set
•  Crystals are selected to raise the vibration
•  Essential oils are infused
•  5-10 minutes of energy work (Based Donna Eden's Energy Medicine, EFT Tapping and Reiki)
•  Gratitude journaling for 5 minutes
•  Meditation on a specific chakra or on receiving the most joyful expression of Inspiration in service to the highest good
•  An oracle card is pulled for guidance
•  Joyful music is played
•  Final review of preselected, beautiful and  inspiring visual reference possibilities
•  The water is positively charged
•  Golden Brand acrylic paint is used
•  Archival canvas is selected
•  Reiki symbols are imbedded in the first layer
•  Over four decades of education, exploration and development of craftsmanship are utilized
•  Allowance of the creative process to express itself organically and joyfully without judgement.
•  Healing crystals are imbedded into the painting
•  Gratitude is expressed for the opportunity to access these gifts and share them in service to another's highest good.

When you see your painting, you will know it. It will stir your soul and you will fall in love with how it makes you feel. It was painted for you. Wild Cherry Art will give you a visual and vibrational connection to joy, ease and wonder. From this place you can create a life of passion and purpose.